Busy Mom Life

I used to feel like I could do it all. I was go go go go go. However, since having a child, I have been forced to admit that, despite what many may think, I am not superwoman.

However, I guess you could say that I am still on the go. I work 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. I go to school full time, I’m a wife and I have to find time to do my favorite job of all, mom.

I tell myself that all this busy bee work will pay off in the end and I’ll be able to sit and enjoy life with my family while doing a job I love and contributing to the house finances.

But how do I keep sane, drink enough water, and wash my precious parts? Lord knows I barely keep myself together. The answer: I let things go. I prioritize what really matters. My school assignment is going to be late because I decide to do tummy time with my baby girl. That’s ok by me.

Modern-day mom life is all about being a mom in this crazy busy world we are all guilty of getting wrapped up in. This blog is all about being a mom and how to keep yourself sane while being a modern day mom as well as the challenges you may be faced with. Meaning being busy AF. Sometimes all it takes is knowing that you’re not alone in this struggle.

Stay strong moms!

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