Momming And Google

Momming and Google go hand and hand these days. As a new mom, I have learned a lot. I’m not afraid nor am I ashamed to admit that a lot of it has been found on Google. Oh man, how I love Google. When I was pregnant it was all about “why is my belly itchy” or “how does my stomach shrink after the baby comes”? Now, it’s “why is my baby’s poop yellow” or “when does teething stop”?

I learned a lot from mothers who took the time to sit and talk about what they experienced both in pregnancy and the first months of their child’s life. Some of the information pertained to me while some of it didn’t. I pieced together what worked and made it my own. Every mom has a different style, no two moms are alike.

I can definitively say that momming is an adventure. One that I personally don’t know how I would make it through without the use of Google and let’s be honest, wine.

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