11 Bodily Changes No One Tells You About Before You Get Pregnant

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They, and by they I mean everyone, neglect to tell you several things before you get pregnant. Anyone who says pregnancy is “such a beautiful and magical process” has either a. never been pregnant or b. is a man.

My Time Spent Being Pregnant

I had an easy pregnancy. No morning sickness, no nothing. It was a breeze. My OBGYN called me a “pregnant unicorn.” You couldn’t even tell I was pregnant if you saw me from behind. However, even with all that.. I still consider it a gross ordeal.

As a first time mom, I knew next to nothing about being pregnant. To take birthing classes or read a birthing book would have cost me more money that I was a fan of. Besides, women have been having children for thousands upon thousands of years. I was fairly confident that my body knew what it was doing. My mind, on the other hand, had no dang clue.

What They Don’t Tell You Before You Get Pregnant

11 Bodily Changes No One Tells You About Before You Get Pregnant

  1. Mucus plug. Yes, it’s as gross as it sounds. To be honest I’m thankful that they DIDN’T tell me about that in the beginning.
  2. Swelling. Not only does your belly grow, but other parts of your body may start to retain water as well.
  3. Blood work. Don’t like needles? Well, best get used to them. You will be doing plenty of lab work throughout your pregnancy. Why? Just to make sure you and your baby are safe throughout the duration of your pregnancy. 
  4. Acne. You may have had clear skin all your life but when you get pregnant your skin may start to break out with lovely pimples.
  5. Hemorrhoids. Yup. That’s right.. they definitely don’t tell you this part before you pregnant. You may become all stopped up and find the excess pushing creates lovely little delights for your rump.
  6. Boobs. You may find that your boobs start to leak even before you deliver! Or they may become lopsided as they start to grow.
  7. Stretch marks. You can do your best to prevent them but the fact of the matter is if your skin doesn’t have strong elasticity then it’s just going to happen. This can be rough especially after you have the baby. Check out my article Postpartum Body: You’re Not Ugly, You’re A Parent to learn how you can appreciate your new you!
  8. Shaving. Good luck. Once your belly gets big in the third trimester, you can kiss shaving your nether regions goodbye! At least until after delivery. Not to mention, all your hair grows faster! This is a plus for your head.. not so much for other parts 
  9. Constant bathroom breaks. You literally have to pee multiple times an hour. Road trips? Good luck! 
  10. Clothes. Say buh-bye to your clothes fitting nicely. Leggings get rough. What I mean by this is that your thighs start to become best friends and always want to touch each other.. this gives your leggings fun rough patches. Check out my favorite maternity leggings! These got me through the last triemester. 
  11. Prego brain. You forget EVERYTHING! They definitely don’t like to tell you this part about being pregnant. You may feel like you have lost all of your brain cells for the time being.

What They DO Tell You About Being Pregnant

What they do tell you about being pregnant is how little sleep you will get and that you MUST sleep while you can. You never truly understand this if you haven’t had a child. They also tell you just how worth all of it is and how you will miss it when it’s gone. Cherish every moment, even the not so fun times (like teething).