How The Cry Of A Child Changed For Me

A child’s cry can mean many things: hunger, boredom, their cold, etc. What no one tells you is that your reaction to a crying child can completely change after you have your own.

Before I had my own child I admit it, I was a grinch when it came to the sound of a child crying. I’d roll my eyes and be annoyed. To be even more honest, the sound of a child’s cry would set me over the edge. It was next to the sound of nails on a chalkboard in my book.

Now, I have an even harder time hearing a child cry. It breaks my heart. What’s more, if MY child is crying, oh man. Nope. Can’t do it. It causes me such anxiety hearing my child cry. I’m told this is a normal thing. Thankfully, the anxious feeling I would get has since gone away but if my husband is holding our child and I hear her cry.. I have to walk away. It still eats away at my insides.

I hear that this feeling will only continue to level off but I silently miss the days when a child’s cry would make me annoyed.

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