Long Days And Late Nights

As a working mom who’s also working towards completing a bachelor’s degree, my life is nothing but long days and late nights. I literally fantasize about sleeping now. How do I make it through it all? With a lot of coffee and determination.

Coffee has been life since going back to work. Just give me an IV and let’s get going. But really, it’s the determination that gets me through it. I’m determined to have the life I want for my family. I tell myself my hard work will all pay off in the end and it’ll all be worth it. THAT is what keeps me going.

Having a baby is tough, especially for first-time parents, but throw in working full time and school? It’s a lot but I know I’m not alone in this. I see hard-working moms everywhere I look. Even stay at home moms. That’s a hard gig too. In the end, we are all just trying to provide the best kind of life we can for our children.

Best advice? Have a good care team in place. I have my mother and my husband who can watch my little one and allow me the time I need to get things done. Having a good care team is crucial to your mental/physical survival if you’re going to try and juggle work, school, washing your precious bits, and home life.

No matter what is on your plate, if you’re a new mom or a veteran mom, you have long days and late nights.

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