Postpartum Body: You’re Not Ugly, You’re A Parent

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Postpartum Body: You're Not Ugly, You're A Parent

It’s hard dealing with your postpartum body but it’s something many, and I mean MANY mothers go through.

After 9 extremely long months of gaining weight, having your body parts swell, and a whole list of other gross things you then go through hours of labor.

You’re now busy with your new little one and handling all the adjustments and changes that comes with it. It takes about 2-3 months for this “new period” to level out and things start to feel normal again.

It’s during this time that you may start to notice you and your postpartum body. It’s ok. You’re really not alone in this. Many mothers feel this way.

Your body goes through so many different changes when your pregnant and even after delivery. You devote so much time to your new child that you forget to take care of you.

Then, out of nowhere, you look in the mirror and you don’t see the you that you once were. You may go out with your friends and feel uncomfortable with how you look.

You may spend hours sifting through clothes to find the right outfit that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. I know I still do.

Top 3 Postpartum Body Image Issues

  1. Stretch Marks – About 90% of women get stretch marks from pregnancy. That’s A LOT of people! Don’t let the rare 10% of lady’s get you down about them. When you see your stretch marks, think of them as your time served. You created a life! Then you proceeded to nurture that life into a tiny little human. That’s amazing! (COMING SOON: How To Reduce The Look Of Stretch Marks After Pregnancy)
  2. Belly Pooch – Yea… this one is a tough one. I admit, I had a c-section so this one is still hard for me. But again, I made a life! So that makes me cooler than superwoman. There are a ton of workouts that can help to get your belly back to where it once was. If you’re a busy modern day mom then you can check out my Pinterest Board “Postpartum Workouts” for ideas on how to get back into shape on a busy schedule. I’ve already trimmed my waist line down to pre pregnancy! 
  3. Weight – Long ago I stopped looking at the number on the scale and following how I felt. That’s not to say I am comfortable with my 140 but I don’t feel the need to starve myself and get down to 125. It’s important that YOU feel comfortable with YOU. I actually don’t have a scale in my house either.

How To Appreciate Your Postpartum Body Again

How To Appreciate Your Postpartum Body

I find that after I pamper myself I feel 100% better about my postpartum body. It’s really easy to forget to do things for yourself when you’re busy being an awesome mom, but it’s still important. Here are the top 7 ways that I pamper myself. 

  1. Mani/Pedi – A good mani/pedi can change your life. Ok, maybe not that extreme but it can make you feel better about yourself. No budget? Go to the nearest salon and let the pampering begin! On a budget? That’s ok, me too. Get the husband (parent, friend, babysitter) to watch the child/ren for a few hours. Fill a tub with some warm water, plop in your hard worked feet, toss in some bubbles (I use my daughters Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo because I’m on a budget), and sit back and relax. Dry off your feet then grab your favorite nail polish and start painting.
  2. Face Mask – This is a great way to unwind. You can make your own mask or you can buy one. For DIY face masks, check out my Pinterest board “Just For Mom | Girls Night | Pampering”. I also recommend Majestic Pure Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask. Put the mask on, sit back, spend 15-30 minutes and just relax. When you wash that mask off you will be amazed at how fresh, clean, and relaxed you now feel.
  3. New Outfit – Buying a new outfit can make you feel like a brand new woman. If you are on a budget then the best thing to do is to go through your clothes and make up a new outfit. Pull some inspiration from online sources and put your own twist on them! When you like what you’re wearing you feel like a million bucks.
  4. Healthy Lunch – You would be amazed at how good you feel about yourself when you have a healthy meal. There are thousands of healthy lunch recipes to pick from. Find one that fits your preferences and either go out for lunch or make it at home!
  5. Mom Friends – Spending time with your mom friends is the best. It makes you realize you are not alone! We all go through the same issues, especially when it comes to our postpartum body. Hanging out with your mom friends will also help you to unwind and relax. The social interaction can go a long way to making you feel like you again. 
  6. Activity – Do something active. It will make you feel less like a “mom blob” and more like a person. Go for a walk or a hike or even do a little yoga at home. Even a nice bike ride. Raising the heart rate a little bit will make you feel like you have done something good for yourself or that you’re working towards the you that you want to look like again.
  7. Do Your Hair – Getting a new hairdo or just taking the time to do your hair will make you feel like the queen you are! Everyone tells me that I have “mermaid hair” because of how long it is, but as a parent that’s not the best thing. I have to constantly wear my hair up so my little one doesn’t grab it. So for me, I like to find simple ways to wear my hair up so I can look good, feel good, and keep my hair free of little fingers.


At the end of the day, your child doesn’t care how you look. Your child cares about if you love him/her. Never forget this. They never think of your weight, your stretch marks or if your belly sags. They want you to feed, change, and play with them.

Stretch marks fade but your child’s love doesn’t so let that be what you focus on.

How do you appreciate your postpartum body?

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